Coastal Holidays

Based in Warwick, Coastal Holidays specialise in letting Coastal Cottages in Anglesey, North Wales and Snowdonia. They cater to a variety of budgets and holiday makers; wealthy families, young families, self catering and people attending events in the area.

They pride themselves in offering a personal service born out of a passion for national regions of beauty. They also offer customers unique access to local knowledge and events.

In short they offer a personal touch in comparison to some of the larger online holiday letting platforms.

We knew we were working towards an emblem that would work on Social Media Platforms and with Smartphones. We uncovered keywords and values to influence the logo mark; personal, passionate, professional, creative, local, knowledgeable. Initial sketches of the individual ideas helped reveal useful images and shapes.

The brand name uses two complementary typefaces — Hanley Pro Alt (a modern script that gives a personal touch) and Gilroy (a modern, geometric sans serif that is contemporary and grounding).

Client Feedback

Mario came across as very personable and professional, so he managed to build the trust with me quite quickly. He created a strong brand identity for Coastal Holidays which I believe jumps off the page far more than it ever could on the old platform. 

I now know how to bring about the changes that I needed with my business.  The process also taught me a lot on how to sell to my customers and Mario gave me much more of an insight from the customers stand point when looking at my brand.

David Lilley
Managing Director | Coastal Holidays | Self-Catering Anglesey Holiday Cottages

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